Elevate Your Business With Prax

Elevate Your Business With Prax

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Small business owners throughout the Columbia, MD area choose Prax for accounting services. Why us? We utilize a unique three-step process that includes cleanup projects, ongoing full-cycle accounting, and proprietary forensic analytics for small to mid-sized businesses. By doing this, we can provide top-notch accounting and business development services at a price that not only won’t break your budget, but will pay for itself within the first 12 months.

Elevate your business with professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Columbia, Maryland and the surrounding area. We utilize a unique three-step process that includes clean-up services, full cycle accounting and business insights & analytics.

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Trust The Prax Process

Prax takes a unique approach to accounting and bookkeeping services in Columbia, MD and the surrounding area. Unlike other companies, our workflow includes:


  • Financial Cleanup Projects—Are you behind on your financials? Don’t worry—we’ll organize your books and get you up-to-date in no time. You can trust us to help you stay organized and compliant with tax agencies.
  • On-going Finance Maintenance—Need help keeping up with your books? We provide everything from monthly account checkups to full-time in-house bookkeeping services in Columbia, MD. We have the experience and skills to keep your books and financials accurate and up-to-date.
  • Small Business Data & Insight Analytics—Ready to take your business to the next level? Prax is the only company that offers small business data analytics services in Columbia, MD. When you sign up, we’ll use proprietary technology to harvest data from your company’s records. With this information, we can show you where you can cut down on expenses and how you can make the most of your sales. We can also predict revenue, growth and other metrics important to your business.






The pricing for each of our services varies based on the scope of your project.

The services we offer at Prax are designed to give you more control of your company. For more details about how our accounting, bookkeeping and analytics services might benefit your business, contact us today.