Above & Beyond: Insights & Forensic Analytics

Maximize Your Profits With Accurate Analytics

Maximize Your Profits With Accurate Analytics

Ask about our small business data analytics services in Columbia, MD and the Balto-DC Metro area

The third phase of our process is where Prax brings value above and beyond what other firms offer. We help take your business to the next level with data analytics solutions that provide a detailed breakdown of your performance. We present your business with a unique opportunity to attain a competitive advantage. These analyses cover several areas including:

  • in-depth insight into your expenses, including vendor negotiations
  • how to attract and retain more customers, clients, or patients
  • ongoing risk assessment & small business data analytics
  • detailed budgeting and forecasting
  • high-level corporate strategies to achieve unmatched efficiency and productivity

Our professional consultants use proprietary technology to translate advanced financial and non-financial metrics in a straightforward manner with the specific goal of allowing leadership to navigate the ever-growing challenges of planning for the future.

Bottom line: our services are designed to give you better visibility and control of your business in a way that surpasses what you can achieve on your own. To find out more about the benefits of our clean-up, full cycle accounting, and data analytics services for your business, contact us today.


We know numbers

Prax has years of experience providing small business data analytics in Columbia, MD and the Balto-DC Metro area. Trust our efficient team to analyze your business data in order to identify:

  • Choke points
  • Communication gaps
  • Outdated software
  • Inefficient business operations
  • Internal and external business issues
  • Product issues


Call 240-307-0100 today to take advantage of our small business consulting services. You can count on us to cut your costs and maximize your profits.