Getting Started: The Clean-Up

Bring Organization Back to Your Finances

Bring Organization Back to Your Finances

Contact us for financial records services in Columbia, MD and the Balto-DC Metro area

The initial clean-up consists of reviewing, verifying and organizing your financial records to ensure their accuracy and ability to offer better visibility of your business operations. Clean-up packages are a one-time investment with the end goal being clean financial records and an accurate representation of past performance.

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Bookkeeping Services in Columbia, MD

Bring your books up to date

Prax takes pride in providing accurate, personalized financial records services to our clients in Columbia, MD and the Balto-DC Metro area. Hire a dedicated business consultant based out of Columbia, MD to:

  • Correct your bookkeeping errors
  • Sort through your taxes
  • Make sure your business finances are in compliance with Maryland laws
  • Generate accurate financial reports

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