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Learn About Our Accounting Services In Columbia, MD and The Balto-DC Metro Area

Never lose track of your finances with qualified accounting experts that help you keep accurate records of your revenue and expenditures. We offer a wide range of personal and business accounting services as well as small business consulting services in Columbia, MD and the surrounding Balto-DC Metro area. Whether you need to organize your books, decrease business expenses, or manage payroll, you can trust Prax to take care of your accounting needs.

Call 240-307-0100 and speak to one of our business consultants to learn more about how we can help you or register for your free consultation for our small business consulting service.

I - Getting Started: The Clean-Up

I - Getting Started: The Clean-Up

Take advantage of our accounting services to clean up your books and get a clear look at your finances

II - Ongoing Maintenance: Full Cycle Accounting

II - Ongoing Maintenance: Full Cycle Accounting

We'll handle all of your bookkeeping, so you can focus on more important things

III - Above & Beyond: Insight & Forensic Analytics

III - Above & Beyond: Insight & Forensic Analytics

Trust Prax to Analyze your finances and find out where you're losing money

Why Choose Us?

Prax's business consultants are dedicated to providing clients in Columbia, MD and the Baltimore-DC Metro area with superior personal and business accounting services. You can trust our consultants to keep track of your books and give you sound financial advice at every level.

Prax Accounting is founded upon 4 core values (SIMQ) that sets us apart from other accountants. These values are the driving force behind our vision for building collaborative working relationships that solve problems and identify opportunities for future financial, corporate, and personal goals.

We assist you in developing streamlined systems and processes that generate purpose and foster organic growth, which ultimately enhances the profitability and long-term sustainability of your business.

Our code of ethics assures objectivity, integrity, and the highest standards of professionalism while staying true to our client's mission and goals.

We thoroughly consider who is affected by the outcome of your financial decisions and ensure a positive impact to as many stakeholders as possible.

Quality Standards
We adopt a proactive approach to ensure all clients continuously adhere to legislation and compliance demands. Our standard of quality is upheld by exceptional people skills and outstanding technical expertise.

Prax Accounting provides a broad range of accounting and business advisory services through a team of specialists with extensive industry experience. Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation for our bookkeeping services and small business consulting service.